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Monochrome Collections.

Black and White photography has an strong story to tell with a timeless, almost romantic feel, with no distractions to the eye by any colour. Here you will find beautiful black & white photographic art for collectors, interior decor and design projects. These collections include a variety of genres that will inspire you and bring life to your home and office. If you are working on a specific project, please get in contact to arrange a collaboration on such an assignment. These limited edition high quality original prints.

Colour is Everything.

Black & White is More.


Dominc Rouse

Bring life to your home or office!


Photo of the Year 2021

This image named "Pandemic Music" was taken in Kalk Bay during the Covid-19 lockdown.  I won Image of the Year in 2021 at my photophy club. 


Photo of the Year 2022

This image named "Sensa Suono - without sound" forms part of a body of work named "When the music fades".  I won Image of the Year in 2022 at my photophy club. 

Smartphone Photography

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